Since OpenPlugin exists within a rapidly evolving domain, the terms relating to its design space are similarly evolving. Within the context of OpenPlugin, the following are the relevant terms and their meanings:

1. Plugin: A runnable software module that accepts text or multimodal input, runs some API or code, and returns text or multimodal output.

2. Plugin Manifest: A file in OpenPlugin-defined format containing metadata associated with a plugin that defines capabilities provided by the plugin and how to access them.

3. Published Plugin: A plugin that has been documented, tested and published to a personal profile or a marketplace catalog. Catalogs can be public or private.

4. Hosted OpenPlugin Provider: OpenPlugin is an open source project and everyone is encouraged to host their own implementation. The OpenPlugin software can deployed in a serverless environment, as a container, or as a framework. The hoster can choose to make their instance public or private.

5. OpenPlugin Network: The project sponsor, Imprompt, offers a geo-distributed, managed service of public and private hosts.