Getting Started#

Call an OpenPlugin via the SDK#

This is the preferred way to call a plugin.

Learn more about the SDK at: ImpromptAI/openplugin-sdk

Step 1: You need a link to your OpenPlugin manifest. For testing purposes, you can use the sample Klarna plugin manifest

Step 2: Start an OpenPlugin server. More information Getting Started

Step 3: Install the openplugin-sdk

pip install openplugin-sdk

Step 4: Run the plugin

# Call the OpenPlugin service with a remote server url
from openplugin_sdk import OpenpluginService
import os

openplugin_server_endpoint = "..."
openplugin_api_key = "..."

svc = OpenpluginService(openplugin_server_endpoint=openplugin_server_endpoint, openplugin_api_key=openplugin_api_key)
print(f"openplugin_version: {svc.remote_server_version()}, server_status={}")
openplugin_manifest_url = ""
prompt = "Show me some T Shirts."
output_module_name = "default_cleanup_response"

response =

**curl example **#

curl --location '' \
       --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
       --header 'x-api-key: 'YOUR-API-KEY' \
       --data '{
        "prompt": "USER_PROMPT",
        "conversation": [],
        "openplugin_manifest_url": "MANIFEST_URL",
        "approach": {
          "base_strategy": "oai functions",
          "llm": {
            "frequency_penalty": 0,
            "max_tokens": 2048,
            "model_name": "gpt-3.5-turbo-0613",
            "presence_penalty": 0,
            "provider": "OpenAI",
            "temperature": 0,
            "top_p": 1
          "name": "OAI functions-OpenAI",
          "pre_prompt": null

Call an OpenPlugin using code#

pip install openplugin
from openplugin.core.plugin_runner import run_prompt_on_plugin
response =await run_prompt_on_plugin(openplugin, prompt)

Call an OpenPlugin using PyPI#

pip install openplugin
openplugin --help
export OPENAI_API_KEY=<your key>
openplugin start-servero
openplugin run-plugin --openplugin manifests/sample_klarna.json --prompt sample_prompt.txt --log-level="FLOW"